Black and white logo of a pulsating anatomical heart surrounded by the words FROM THE HEART

From the Heart

Each issue of From the Heart collects a variety of short comics. Most of these are of the “slice of life” variety, focusing on characters, events, and moments that have a true to life feel, though some stories venture into stranger territories.

All issues are available via Indyplanet. Digital downloads are free. Print-on-demand prices vary. Select issues are available in-store at Comix N' More in Easthampton, MA.

FTH #8 - coming soon

Black and white page of a comic. A woman of Chinese descent, wearing large headphones, is shown in a close portrait-like view in each panel as she speaks.

Existence Stories

Existence Stories is an interactive activist art project that gathers personal narratives from people about the ways in which their lives have been impacted by the current political climate in the United States.

This project takes on a variety of forms, including books, animations, zines, and comics. Existence Stories comics transcribe the written or recorded narratives of participants into a comic book format. Comics can be read in full on the project page.

Yuri Monogatari book cover. Yellow background with two woman curled up listening to music on headphones together.

Yuri Monogatari

Yuri Monogatari was an English-language manga/manga-inspired anthology series published annually by ALC Publishing from 2004-2009. The books are, sadly, no longer in print, but you may be able to track down second-hand copies.

My stories in these anthologies were my first published comics, so what they may be lacking in finesse they make up for in sentiment. One of these stories, Umbrella, is reprinted in From the Heart #5.