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Book cover design for Moonlight Remix by Kevin Zimmerman. Cover is shown on an ereader, a phone, and a paperback. Dark blue sky with a black Seattle skyline against it. The Space Needle emanates a thin ray of rainbow light. Two black silhouetted figures of young men walk across the black silhouette of a bridge. Light blue clouds are behind them. Yellow headlights cut across diagonally. Rain streaks down.Cover for Stronger Than Lions by Sean J Halford. Dark blue sky with stars, including the constellation of Leo. Two light blue silhouettes of young men stand on silhouetted grass, one pointing up to Leo and the other looking at him. Cover design for Inqalaab on the Walls by Sutputra Radheye. Font looks spraypainted. A white silhouetted figure is centered on the cover with a background of a black and gray brick wall.Cover design for the Wild Adventures of David Felipe by David Jerome Hendricks. Black cover with a red and gold bed in the center, triangulated by the colorful silhouettes of three people. The light blue silhouette of a man stands with his back to the viewer. The orange silhouette of a woman holding a raised gun stands to one side of the bed, the lilac silhouette of a woman with an afro and a gun at her hip stands at the other side of the bed.An assortment of sample cover designs for the invented author An Onymous.Cover design for the invented book In Her Arms by An Onymous. Two brown-skinned women cuddle each other, arms wrapped around each other, smiling. Shown as an ereader, a smart phone, and a paperback, set against a medium blue background.Cover design for the invented book Just Desserts by An Onymous. Lilac cover with a slice of cherry pie. Shown as an ereader, a smart phone, and a paperback.