Like the Trees Were Rooted in My Heart


Drawing of a window set in a blue wall. There's an empty, white space outside the window. A yellow ribbon coils behind the window, passing through the lower right window pane to spill onto the pillow of a bed with a striped beige and white comforter. The ribbon says: "At night, the dogwood branches were scary. In the morning, they were beautiful. Now they're gone."
Now They're GonePen and ink on paper2019
Drawing. A simple wardrobe with brown doors and green sides occupies most of the image. The walls of the room are blue, the floor a lighter blue. One of the wardrobe doors is slight ajar, showing a white interior. A yellow ribbon emerges from behind the door. It says: "I used to think if I wanted it badly enough, this wardrobe would lead me to Narnia."
Lead Me to NarniaPen and ink on paper2019
Drawing. Overhead view of a blue floor and part of an unmade bed with a beige and white striped comforter. A green and brown wardrobe, the door partly ajar, is partially visible. A yellow ribbon coils on the floor next to the bed. It says: "Mim cleaned up a puddle of my blood here when I first started getting my period."
A Puddle of My BloodPen and ink on paper2019
Drawing. A small, white door set into a pink and white wall. A blue floor leads to the top of a stairway. A yellow ribbon emerges from behind the door and coils on the floor. It says: "Gracie used to sit in this corner and yowl into the void. I still don't know why."
Yowl Into the VoidPen and ink on paper2019
Drawing. A window set in a green wall. The window is open. The world beyond it is empty and white. In front of the window is a brown dresser with a stack of books. A yellow ribbon starts behind the window and enters the room, draping itself over the books. It says: "Da always forgets to close this window when it rains."
When it RainsPen and ink on paper2019
Drawing. A closed, white closet door set into a green wall. A yellow ribbon starts outside the door, slips behind it, then emerges from the other side and spills onto the white floor. It says: "Dana and I pretended we were magicians and planned how to escape from this closet... It was years before we both came out of it.".
Escape From This ClosetPen and ink on paper2019
Drawing. Two windows in a green wall. The world outside the windows is empty and white. A yellow ribbon weaves through the panes of one closed window, disappears outside, then weaves back in the other window. It says: "There used to be trees outside these windows."
There Used to be TreesPen and ink on paper2019